Big Bags ( FIBCS )

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Ships From: Egypt


Big Bags ( FIBCS )

Big Bags are those flexible intermediate bulk containers having a capacity of 0.5 to 2 metric tons and are made of polypropylene woven fabric that is highly stabilized against the UV sun rays. It cannot be handled manually after filling & is often handled using forklifts. It can be laminated, with an inner polyethylene line, or neither.

Big Bags (FIBCS)

– One loop , two loops , or 4 loops ,Loop in loop. Q- bag -Tunnel loops and Gumbo bag

– SWL : Up to 2000 Kg
– SF    : 5:1 and 6:1
– UN      certificated from Labordata Germany
– UV     treatment
– Coated fabric or uncoated

– PE Liner can be :
*  Free inserted
* Tapped liner -Fixed at 4 corners on top and bottom.
* Hemmed with filling spout
* Thickness from 60 Mic. up to 120 M
– Heat treatment liner.

– Sewing :
Dust proof sewing or without

–  Printing
up to 3 colors on each side


The big bags can be ordered in any size, color, print and capacity (0.5 to 2 metric tones). It can be ordered alone, with an inner polyethylene liner, or laminated. The big bags can be single trip with a safety factor 5:1, multiple trip with a safely factor 6:1 or reusable with a safety factor 8:1. The big bag can be dust proofed if requested by the customer.
Top Design:
The top can be fully open, with a skirt, or a filling spout.
Base Design:
The base can be plain, or with a discharge spout.
Types of big bags:
Big Bags can be with one, two or four lifting loops


1. Made of very strong polypropylene woven fabric that is highly stabilized against the bad effect of the UV sun rays.
2. Lower packing cost compared to its capacity.
3. Easier filling and discharging.
4. No need for wooden pallets or packing.
5. Heavy service duty and different design for customers’ convenience.
6. More efficient shipment techniques.



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