Flexible Packaging (Flexo Printing)

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Ships From: Egypt


Bags, pouches, sachets, wraps, etc., made of easily yielding materials such as film, foil, or paper sheeting, which when filled and sealed, acquires pliable shape.


1. Lower packaging volume and weight that is good for logistics and for product transport from store to home.
2. Good shelf visibility due to high gloss.
3. Over laminating or direct printing on non ink absorbing films.
4. High product visibility, especially for food packaging.
5. Longer life and protection against external contamination (for example, reduced oxygen via vacuum, aluminum or plastic compound barrier layers).

Flexible packaging is used in a number of different applications such as :

Frozen Foods (vegetables, meats), Juices, Snacks, Chips, Macaroni, Rice, Coffee, Detergents, Tissue
Paper, Pharmaceutical Products.

The above products are produced using state of the art flexo printing machines up to 8 colors (centerdrum) and the printing can be applied on several materials like :

– Polypropylene (BOPP-cast- Metalize- Pearlize)
– Polyethylene/Polyster
– Polyster/Aluminum/Polyethylene
– Paper up to 160 gsm -Aluminum

And other machines have been recently added as follows:

– High -quality lamination machines(up to three layers)
– Slitting machines (from 2 Cm up to 130 Cm)
– Extrusion machine to produce polyethylene films multilayer.
– Bag making machines (Side seal) and also for the bags arranged to pack chicken and its products.
– Sealing machines (center seal)



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